Bryant Block (Delaware Building)

Completed in 1873, the Delaware Building is one of the oldest in Chicago.

If you want a taste of what Chicago looked like before the fire, take a gander at the Delaware Building. Ignoring the growth of the city around it, this Italianate beauty has barely been touched and is one of the few structures to retain its 1870s character. It’s easy to miss, though, unless you overlook the golden arches. 

There’s a common reaction, invariably laced with scorn, upon learning that this building is one of the oldest in downtown Chicago: “And there’s a McDonald’s in it!” The general consensus is that a fast food restaurant isn’t dignified enough for a structure that’s been around since 1873. A look at the building’s beginnings, however, reveals that there have been decidedly less savory tenants than a purveyor of burgers and fries.

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Completed: 1873
Architect: Wheelock and Thomas
Address: 36 W. Randolph St.

McDonald’s is used for the location because the Delaware Building is placed incorrectly on Google maps.

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