North Loop

The Chicago Temple

At the top of a neo-gothic skyscraper across from Daley Plaza is a steeple. It’s an unusual sight, not really something you expect to see in the heart of the Loop, but inside is a church whose Chicago beginnings date back to before the city was a town and which has stayed on that same …

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London Guarantee & Accident Building (LondonHouse Hotel)

LondonHouse as it looked in 1950

he south side of the Chicago River at Michigan Avenue, where Fort Dearborn used to be, is one of the most well-marked spots in the city. There are brass rectangles that say “Site of Fort Dearborn.” On the northwest corner of the intersection, near the bridge tower, is a plaque letting you know the fort …

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The Chicago Theatre

When Balaban and Katz opened The Chicago Theatre on October 26, 1921, eager and hopeful moviegoers swarmed State Street. Lines formed as early as two o’clock, a full three and a half hours before the scheduled opening. By six, crowds wrapped around the block, and a force of two hundred patrolmen and thirty mounted sergeants …

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D. B. Fisk & Company (Hotel Monaco)

D. B. Fisk and Co. from Harpers Bazar

It’s not obvious the structure at Wabash Avenue and East Wacker Place has been there for more than a hundred years. Hotel Monaco looks like a mid-century creation, with a sheer, modern face that doesn’t have any of those flourishes and frills one expects from something built in the early 1900s. But two things give …

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