Plan of Chicago

Michigan Avenue Bridge (DuSable Bridge)

Michigan Avenue Bridge 1922 - New Gateway Center

On a sparkling mid-May day in 1920, three men stepped from an automobile and stood before a tiny red, white, and blue ribbon. Ropes held back the crowds as the gents uncovered their heads, one sweeping his signature cowboy hat to his chest. It just happened to be his birthday, and this was going to …

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Municipal Pier #2 (Navy Pier)

Navy Pier with a sign for Goodrich boats

Chicago in the early 1900s was a mess, to put it lightly. Despite an official motto of “urbs in horto”—city in a garden—it was anything but. It was crowded. Dirty. Stinky. Think traffic is bad now? Fuhgeddaboudit. So many ships were coming into the Chicago River that you could barely cross it because the bridges …

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