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Oriental Theatre (James M. Nederlander Theatre)

Oriental Theatre

Once you’ve established a reputation for creating elaborate movie palaces, each more grand than the last, there’s only one thing you can do: make the next one even more elaborate, more over the top, more exciting, more exotic. That’s exactly what Balaban and Katz did with the Oriental Theatre. Opened on May 8, 1926, it …

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Bismarck Hotel (Allegro Royal Sonesta Hotel Chicago)

Like so many other Chicago Landmarks, The Allegro Royal Sonesta Hotel Chicago can trace its beginnings to the 1893 Columbian Exposition. This landmark’s story began when Emil Eitel, the oldest of eight siblings, arrived in Chicago from Stuttgart, Germany in 1890. The next year his brother Karl followed him to the states and the two …

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The Chicago Theatre

When Balaban and Katz opened The Chicago Theatre on October 26, 1921, eager and hopeful moviegoers swarmed State Street. Lines formed as early as two o’clock, a full three and a half hours before the scheduled opening. By six, crowds wrapped around the block, and a force of two hundred patrolmen and thirty mounted sergeants …

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