Reviews, interviews, and media appearances for Living Landmarks of Chicago. “A Chicago history buff’s dream.” Tom Barnas, Chicago Scene for WGN-TV Author Theresa L. Goodrich has a conversation with Nathan Ciulla on Bridging Chicago. “Theresa Goodrich is an Emmy award winning author and true storyteller. In her book, Living Landmarks of Chicago, she tells the …

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Chicago Historical Society (Chicago History Museum)

The title page of A Brief History of the Chicago Historical Society, published in 1881, tells a story: Organized 1856.Incorporated 1857.Collections Destroyed, October 9, 1871.Re-organized, 1872.Destroyed second time, July 14, 1874.Re-organized again, 1877. It’s a very Chicago story. Of planning and building, of setbacks, of re-building, of more setbacks, and of re-building, again. It’s a …

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Merchandise Mart (theMART)

It’s difficult to comprehend just how big the Merchandise Mart is. You can say it’s four million square feet. You can know it was once the largest commercial building in the world. You can mention that there are six and a half miles of corridors, that the initial plate glass order would stretch for seven …

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Chicago Board of Trade

Board of Trade, Chicago, Apr. 4, 1903

On January 6, 1836, Chicago trustees ordered constables to remove all buildings from public streets. Let that sink in for a moment. In 1836, people were erecting buildings in the middle of the street, and enough people were doing this that trustees had to issue an order for their removal. Three years after its incorporation, …

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