Lake Park (Lincoln Park & Lincoln Park Zoo)

Lincoln Park is Chicago’s playground. The park is multiple destinations in one, and you could spend a week there and still miss a few things. It took a lot of work to get it that way, though. Learn what went into making Lincoln Park. Take a look at a map of Chicago’s north side and …

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Hull House (Hull-House Museum)

In the late 1800s, wealthy Americans toured Europe. It was the cosmopolitan thing to do. For many, it was a shopping trip, and today’s museums are filled with their souvenirs. For some, like Potter Palmer, doctors ordered excursions abroad as convalescence. One rather serious young woman from Cedarville, Illinois, whose father had been a Senator …

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Lake Park (Grant Park)

Grant Park is one of Chicago’s most recognizable and beloved institutions. Find out how Chicago’s front yard came to be, and one man’s fight to keep it forever open, clear and free.

Clarke House Museum

Clarke House Museum, Chicago's oldest house

Clarke House Museum has a fantastic and unlikely story that is perfectly at home in this city of tantalizing tales. Picture this: it’s 1835. Your family is comfortable. You live in upstate New York, members of the upper-middle class. You’ve been married for a few years, have a few children (although one, sadly, died), and …

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